About Smaller Tales from Toriello

Having written a blog for many years about Tales from Toriello over on www.ianandluis.info we found ourselves amassing some respectable photographs of life in and around the garden. There’s always room for improvement when you enjoy photography and these shots are part of that learning curve. We decided to set up this blog, to share our admiration and respect for nature in all its forms. So many life forms each with a story to tell. We hope you enjoy our smaller tales from Toriello.

Click on each photograph throughout the blog; see the links and categories in the side bar.

Bush Cricket

Bog Garden

The photographs are taken in the garden at La Pasera, Asturias, Northern Spain. A 1500 sq meter plot on the north coast of Spain.

A temperate climate with the Bay of Biscay to the north and the Picos de Europa to the south.


Spring mists

The garden contains several areas including bog garden, three ponds, grassed areas, vegetable plot, rockery, flower beds, small orchard, wild areas, mature trees, limestone outcrops and dry-stone walling.

La Pasera

Th old orchard

A supplementary blog to www.ianandluis.info 


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